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Vatan City Real Estate is the best place for you to purchase your dream house, flat, villa and land in any province of Turkey especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Trabzon, Kocaeli, Bursa, Yalova and Ankara. Vatan City is equipped with professional staff and real estate consultants who can provide you with best suggestions and ideas on what to buy and where to invest in Turkey. Vatan Real Estate is also working with the most luxurious projects in Turkey. It has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with some leading construction companies including but not limited to METROHOME, VIRA ISTANBUL,BIZIM EVLER, BABACAN, GUL INSAAT, SKYLINE ISTANBUL and ZORLU CENTER RESIDENCES.

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We are Working the most luxurious projects in Turkey.

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Why Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey is a major player on the global stage, welcoming more and more foreigners. Located between the East and the West, Turkey practices the best of both parts of the world. Turkey is not only one of the hottest destinations for second citizenship but also has a highly attractive real estate market that can offer significant Return of Investment (ROI). Take Istanbul, for example. It’s an attractive place for real estate investment, filled with new land developments in the suburbs and penthouses in some of its most wanted neighborhoods.Expats are attracted to the country’s “Asian” ability to work on the economic front and the “Western” quality of life.This combination makes Turkey a great investment opportunity. There have been many changes in the legal systems and the housing and architecture trends of new buildings in Turkey. The following are some benefits of buying real estate in Turkey.
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You Need To Know the Following Before Purchasing Property in Turkey

With its spectacular climate, nature, culture, and history, Turkey has always been a desirable destination for foreigners to call it a second home. As a result, the country is offering endless opportunities for businessmen, professionals, students, and retired individuals to come and invest in its real estate with the advantage of obtaining a second citizenship. Foreigners and expats looking to live in Turkey can easily get Turkish citizenship by investment within three months or less.If you’re interested in buying real estate in Turkey, Vatan City Real Estate has provided this guide that takes you through the pros and cons of investing in Turkish real estate.
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Housing in Turkey is Cheaper Compared to Other Countries

Turkey’s real estate market was late to enter the international platform. So, the prices of houses attract expats and foreign nationals from various countries. While luxurious properties are available, small coastal towns offer 2-BHK fully furnished apartments for as low as $80,000.

Ideal for Long Term

People looking for long-term investments can rely on Turkey’s real estate market because these prices have the potential to offer lucrative ROI. Real estate buyers in Turkey have the added advantage over those in UAE, Greece, Cyprus or Spain, where property prices have already skyrocketed. With minimal annual maintenance and upkeep, well maintained property in Turkey can bring a massive return on long-term investment.

Various Housing Options

One of the biggest reasons foreign nationals are interested in buying property in Turkey is the wide range of choices for luxury and budget, new build, off-plan, renovation apartments and villas, and resale. From luxury homes with sea views to basic and budget apartments, the choices are plenty. Buyers don’t have to compromise on their dream of buying any property in Turkey.

The Cost of Living is Low

As compared to any European country or North American country, living in Turkey is quite affordable.Pensioners are leveraging the exchange rate from their currency to the Turkish Lira, which is turning out to be more than the average cost of living in Turkey. In addition, essentials like vegetables and fruits are cheaper compared to western countries.

A Simplified Purchasing Process

The government has taken necessary steps to ensure that the process is simplified to attract further investment in the real estate market. This is one of the reasons for foreigners to choose Turkey for their property investment

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing property in Turkey is that you could get a Turkish passport with that. As a result, many foreigners who are looking for a second home find Turkey the ideal destination. Turkish citizenship by investment scheme, according to the new law, allows expats to invest a minimum amount of $400,000 and get Turkish citizenship within 90 days.
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